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The 2021 Moon Cycle Guide!🌕

The 2021 Moon Cycle Guide!🌕

Why Do Full Moons Have Names? 

The names for  the full  moons date back to the  Native Americans living in what is now the Northern and Eastern United states. Those tribes kept track of the seasons by giving distinctive names to each  recurring full moons. The names of each moon refers to the entire month in which the full moon had occurred. 

There were some variations of each of the names. However, the general names that surfaced amongst tribes stayed the same such as the  Algonquin tribes from New England on West Lake Superior. Although, Most European settlers made up their own names. Lunar meaning ‘Synodic’ month is roughly 29.5 days in that month (On Average) , obviously the  actual  dates of the full  moon switch back and forth usually each year.

Now  without  further ado.. Here are the 2021 Full Moon names and in depth analysis on how they came to fruition as well as what meaning they hold..


28th Of January 2021 :

Thursday, 7:18  P.M. 

Midwinter, Below zero Temperatures... The wolf packs howled hungrily outside Indian villages causing  many nights of staying indoors until they left. It was also known as the Old Moon or the Moon after Yule. In some tribes this was the Full Snow Moon; most applied that name to the next moon. In addition, much of the Eastern Hemisphere will experience a deep penumbral lunar eclipse with the lower part of the moon appearing somewhat darker. This was called the month of the Wolf Moon🐺 .


27th Of February 2021 :

Saturday, 8:19 A.M.


Snow Moon❄️ was appropriately named as February is typically the coldest and snowiest weather in North America. That is why the February moon has received the name the Snow Moon. Some other variations for the name Snow Moon are Hunger or Storm Moons. The name Hunger Moon came from the Native Americans simply because food was scarce. The highly known and respected  Cherokee tribe famously called  it the “Bone Moon” because just as the Native Americans food was scarce. They Regularly had to Gnaw or cook Bone Marrow Soup to just simply survive the unforgiving winters.

28th Of March 2021 :

Sunday, 6:50 P.M.


March is considered the Worm Moon, unlike the other two previously mentioned this moon was known to have many other names it could’ve been referred to as. The names include Chaste, Death, Crust, and Sap Moon. Native Americans called it the Worm Moon because as the temperature began to rise, the snow melted and the muddy trails would reveal EarthWorm trails. Although, only Southern Native tribes used this name because EarthWorms at that time did not exist in Northern America, they  were brought over by colonists as an “invasive” species. So, the common name in Northern America was Sap tree because it was  a reminder that tribes could continue tapping for Maple Syrup.  Also, on the 28th of March 2021 the Worm Moon will  be considered a Super Moon

27th Of April 2021 :

Tuesday, 3:33 A.M.

The name Pink Moon🌺 is  accredited to the Native Americans after moss pink grew, also known as Creeping Phlox. Creeping Phlox is a tiny pink flower that commonly grows amongst the ground.The Pink Moon this year is also a Super Moon. Other known cultures have named it Egg, Fish, and  Sprouting Grass Moon. The Comanche tribe called it New Spring Moon and the Sioux called it Budding Moon. The month of april is associated with typically flourishing plants/crops as well as growth.

26th Of May 2021 :

Wednesday, 11:14 A.M.


Yet another Super Moon will be upon us in May famously known as the month of flowers, that's how it got its name, The Flower Moon🌼. During this exact  same time was also the time to start planting corn so some referred to it as the Corn Planting Moon. Other names were Hare, Milk, and Blossom Moon. Fun Fact! The pagans associated the full moon with elemental fire and began to celebrate it by lighting bonfires and performing magickal fire rituals to bring prosperity. 


24th Of June 2021 :

Thursday, 6:40 P.M.

Another beautiful super moon this month! Super Strawberry Moon🍓, which gets its name because in North America, wild strawberries are ready to be harvested and are at their peak during this time of the season. Other cultures have deemed it Rose Moon or Hot Moon. Anglo-Saxon named it Mead Moon; due to the fact it was time to begin the mowing of the meadows. Around every 20 years, the Strawberry Moon coincides with the summer solstice. Pagans call June’s full moon the Lover’s Moon. A perfect time in the season to show love, connections, intimacy, and romance. In Europe, this moon is known as the HoneyMoon. In Europe it is traditional to give mead or honey to newly married couples. The name honey moon itself is a common English phrase that is used when newlyweds go on vacation, hence the word Honeymoon.


24th Of July 2021 :

Thursday, 6:40 P.M.


The Buck Moon🦌 got its name because every year male deer shed their antlers and they begin to grow back during the month of July. Other names are Hay and Wort  Moon. Hay typically is harvested during july as well it is an excellent time to pick  herbs such as Worts which is where it gets its 3rd alias from. The Hay and Wort moons were said to be named by the Angelo-Saxon


22nd Of August 2021 :

Sunday, 12:02 P.M.


The fish population would be booming by now and an increased amount of  sturgeon would appear named by North American  fishing tribes. Thus, the name Sturgeon Moon🐟. Sometimes the moon can get a red because of the hot and hazy summers that's why it's also known as the Red Moon. Some other names are Grain and Green Corn Moons. For the Ojibwe, this marked the time to harvest wild rice.  In 2021 we are expected to have a seasonal Blue Moon this will be 3rd of 4 full moons in a single season. 

21st Of September 2021 :

Monday, 11:54 P.M.


The full moon that arrives closest to the September Equinox is branded with the name Harvest Moon🌽. The strong light of the Harvest Moon allowed Farmers to work later into the night to harvest their final crops of the year. Most years this occurs in September but every three years or so, it occurs in October. Other Native American names for this moon are Corn Moon or Barley Moon. In 2021 September’s full moon will be called the Harvest Moon. It will be the last full moon of the summer instead of the first full moon of fall – yet still closest to the equinox. Whew! That can be confusing!


20th Of October 2021 :

Monday, 11:54 P.M.


This is commonly the preferred month to hunt, as deer have been grazing all summer long, so they are nice and plump. Known as the Hunters Moon🔫 . Other animals can’t hide as well due to the fallen leaves and barren landscapes. This moon is often very bright, giving hunter’s even more opportunity to hunt their prey at night with more ease. A few other known names are Travel Moon and Dying Grass Moon. 

19th Of November 2021 :

Friday, 8:59 A.M.


During this time animals generally have made or have started searching for places to be for the winter. The beavers in particular could be seen absolutely everywhere scurrying to ensure they made their homes before the ice set in. That's why we call it the Beaver Moon. Native Americans would make plenty of traps to ensure they had food and Fur to help them survive the upcoming winter. Traditionally, if Beaver Moon is the last full moon before the winter solstice, it can also be known as Mourning Moon. Pagan’s took on the name Mourning moon, as it’s the final stage of their winter preparations. A beautiful time to let go of things that no longer serve you while giving yourself permission to mourn those things. Other names include Frosty Moon, and some called it Oak Moon, which in certain cultures, the December full moon can also be known by Oak Moon as well.

19th Of December 2021 :

Sunday, 4:37 A.M.


December is usually considered the month that the winter cold begins to fasten its grip in the Northern Hemisphere. Known as the Cold Moon🧊 . This month's full moon is also called the Long Night Moon since nights are at their longest and darkest. The term Long Night Moon is a doubly appropriate name because the midwinter night is indeed long, and the moon is above the horizon a long time. The midwinter full moon takes a high trajectory across the sky because it is opposite to the low sun.

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