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The Best Thing About Witchcraft

The Best Thing About Witchcraft

The best thing about witchcraft is that literally everything can be considered magical. Also what is hilarious, is that people repeat old witchy sayings without realizing it, and without even being a witch. My favorite one of them is when anyone sees a ladybug someone else says,

“oh, that’s good luck”. A lot of different animals have different omens attached to them, here are a few. 

First being the ladybug, which mentioned earlier brings good luck, it also brings joy to the person it comes across. Another animal is the owl, it is said that if an owl crosses your path you should be careful, something huge is coming to you. A rabbit on the other hand are saying that forces of nature are with you, also abundance and fertility. 

A crow is a big one for me, I like to work with The Morrigan, so whenever I see a crow or a black bird I am reminded of her and I’s journey together. If you don’t work specifically with her a crow can mean that truth will appear to you and you are finally ready to bear it. If you see a snake, and I don’t mean a shady person, haha, it is believed that your passions will open gates of power. 

Dragonflies are simply just showing you that fairies are near, which is neat since when I was a kid I thought they were fairies. Now cats are big in witchcraft and not just in omens. People for centuries believe that cats are witch’s familiars, however if one crosses your path it does mean that hidden forces and spiritual powers are near you. Lizards mean that your dreams will reveal something important to you. 

What was interesting when researching this topic is the omen of the spider. People hate spiders in their home, but they can actually show you that a friend will come and provide help. This will be great news to me since a spider just crossed my path earlier today. Lastly is the deer. The most elusive animal on this list and it is the most encouraging. If a deer crosses your path, have faith it shows that the heavens know what you’re going through. Happy omens to you all.