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Water Magic 101

Water Magic 101

Last week we talked about the different types of woods that can be used in witchcraft. Before I wrote the post I had no idea there were so many, and again with this post. I want to chat a little bit about some of the different types of water that can be used in magical workings. If you’re a baby witch like me, then you might’ve only thought that moon water was the only water used in witchcraft. I was mistaken, there are a ton of different types you might not have thought could be used at all. 

For starters sea water is great for magic. Water from the sea is amazing for cleansing and healing rituals. It can be a great crystal cleanser, but of course do your research to make sure the crystal can be cleansed in water and isn’t ruined in salt. It can also be used in banishing and protecting spells. Storm water is another great one, which I never thought to use in magic. It is wonderful for spells and rituals that have to do with emotional strength, confidence, charge, motivation and force. It is known for strengthening spells, and if you need to can be used in curses as well. 

River water can be used for spells and rituals that have to do with moving on, focusing energy, breaking through rough paths and warding. Wonderful tool for powering tools (lol)! Rain water is very multi-purposeful, but especially great for growth and rebirth spells. Is helpful for spells that you want to gain power over time. 

Snow water is a different type of water that didn’t strike me to use but is great for spells or rituals that focus on purity, endings and change. It can be good for slow working spells too. Dew water will be hard to collect for some people around the world, but is another beauty to work with. I recommend this type of water for love and fertility spells. It is very useful in delicate magic or working with the fae. I also love to figure out what type of water my ancestors or deity I am working with embodies, and then using it as an altar offering too.