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Witches And Their Naturally Crafted Wands

Witches And Their Naturally Crafted Wands

In witchcraft, nature and natural resources play such a large role in everything we witches do. We use crystals and herbs in almost everything. As surprising as it may sound to the baby witches, wands aren’t something just used in the Harry Potter universe. Just like how he has to pick a specific material for his wand, picking out the right type of wood for your workings. It doesn’t necessarily have to be for your wand but it is good information for offerings and the like. 

First type of wood you could choose is oak. This wood is the most sacred and considered the door to the otherworld. It can symbolize strength, courage and stability. It is also associated with fairies, the green man (also known as male gaia), and St. Columcille. Druids ate their acorns in preparation for prophesying. Yew is another great wood for communication with the otherworld as well. It can symbolize eternal life, also it was used in druidic divination rights. It is believed that weapons made from yew wood are considered auspicious or favorable. 

Ash is another amazing wood to use in workings. The tree of life is said to be an ash tree, and it is associated with the connection of the upper and underworlds. It symbolizes growth, expansion, and higher perspective. The trees are considered to be the guardian of children and protector of youth. Hawthorn is a lesser known wood used in witchcraft, but still very useful. It is sacred to the fairies, and symbolizes power, circulation and medicine. It has the power of duality and the union of opposite. 

The last two woods I will be discussing are holly and birch. For holly it is said to be the spiritual warrior and signifies courage. It is associated with death and rebirth also the winter solstice. Birch wood is associated with birth, renewal, and purity. It is used to drive out evil spirits from livestock. It’s medicinal purposes are used for gout, rheumatism, arthritis, and skin issues. Of course do your own research on which wood is best for your workings. It is also a fun activity to go gathering and try to identify them in your neighborhood.