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Energy Work 101

What is Energy Work? Witches manipulate our energy, and the energy of our environment, to bring about our will. Understanding how energy flows within your body can help you to be a better magic use...
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Working your Magick With Lunar Cycles

WAXING / WANING The first, and probably the simplest way to follow the lunar cycle is to pay attention to when the moon is waxing, or getting bigger or growing, and when the moon is waning, or shri...
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Honey Bee Cuticle Balm

An excellent little helper  to keep in your purse, this recipe makes a little over ½ cup, or enough to fill 26 lip balm tubes - plenty to keep in the bathroom, purse, car, and give away to friends!...
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Witchy Moisturizing Hand Cream

This protective cream is a wonderful barrier to winter weather, and helps soothe and heal chapped, raw, or dry hands. If you prefer it as a salve, simply omit steps 3-5, adding the essential oils t...
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The 2021 Moon Cycle Guide!🌕

Why Do Full Moons Have Names?  The names for  the full  moons date back to the  Native Americans living in what is now the Northern and Eastern United states. Those tribes kept track of the sea...
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Modern Moon Rituals 2020

But let’s be real. While the moon has its magic, manifestation is a process. Your most significant desires don’t merely arrive overnight; they take time, and you must trust that timing. Tuning into...
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