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Ritual Incense



No ritual space is complete without incense.

Witchcraft has a long history of using incense as a ritual tool in practice.  You can use incense to help purify, cleanse and also sanctify your home and ritual space. They’re to clear unwanted energies,to dedicate an area as a ritual space, or even as offerings to the Gods and Goddesses. An incense blend can have a wide variety of magical properties depending on the plants and herbs used within it.

15 sticks per bundle 

Shipping times are between 7 - 15 business days.

Subscription Boxes are shipped out around the 15th of each month.

More info available here - Shipping Shipping Info

We believe in the importance of giving back and paying forward.

It is with this in our hearts that we chose to partner with the The Cultural Conservancy.

This non profit protects and restores indigenous cultures, empowering them in the direct application of traditional knowledge and practices on their ancestral lands.

You can learn more about how we give back here