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Candle Magick: Colors and Meanings Behind Spell Candles

Candle Magick: Colors and Meanings Behind Spell Candles

A lot of people see candles as an essential part of magic. Spell candles have brought meaning and definition to magick since its conception. Throughout the ages, many witches have utilized spell candles and have incorporated the candle into its spell casting. Spell candles mean different things when they are a different color. Each color has a different meaning and can represent different things. The spell caster should think carefully about what they are trying to accomplish and what color would best represent this to the universe in order to manifest what they want.

Spell Candles: Colors and Meanings

White- Truth, Purity, Cleansing, Innocence, Balance, Enlightenment, Healing, Clairvoyance, Unity, Protection, Peace, Spirit, Spirituality, the Goddess

White can be used as a stand in for any other color, as it is the balance of all colors and can be used in any ritual. It also can be used to neutralize some of the other energies.

Black – deeper levels of consciousness, trance, uncrossing, banishing, negativity, discord, binding, the void, reversal, protection,

Yellow – Activity, energy, action, creativity, happiness, learning, memory, intelligence, focus, confidence

Green – Money, luck, fertility, abundance, growth, expansion, employment, marriage, wealth, success, good luck, communication

Red – love, sex, strength, health, blood,

Pink – love, morality, honor, devotion, friendship, affection, caring, the beginning of love, peace, emotional healing, unconditional love, true love, sensitivity

Gold – enlightenment, wealth, protection, victory, luck, divination, masculinity,

Dark Blue – Changes, depression, losing weight, communication, loyalty, cooling, healing

Light Blue – Health, patience, happiness, inspiration, truth, idealism, harmony

Purple – power, business, royalty, ambition, ancient wisdom, nobility, meditation, the third eye, psychic powers, expansion and growth, recognition, spiritual protection, hidden knowledge, confidence, spiritual work

Orange – attraction, energy, sudden change, action, cleansing negative energy, courage, ambition. careers, goals, jobs, employment spells, enthusiasm

Brown – earth, Uncertainty, hesitation, unsure, find lost items, gain material wealth, balance, earth magick, friends, home, psychic, esp, animal magick, concentration, telepathy, special favors, influence

Rose – compassion, higher awareness, mystical powers, love, joy, humor, compassion, forgiveness, opening the heart, healing, creativity, endurance, stability, security

Violet – Strength, Success, Idealism, psychic revelation; Ideal for rituals which are designed to secure Ambition, Independence and financial success or to establish contact with the other, spiritual world; Enhances Neptune energy.

Ivory – neutrality, balance and harmlessness

Silver – Victory, Stability, meditation, Developing Psychic Ability, Removal of Negative Power, Repelling Destruction,

Cancellation, Neutrality, Stalemate


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