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Our Story

Ethereally Wicked is not just a brand. It is a lifestyle. It’s an occult driven lifestyle centered around rebellious spirit and attitude. We believe that Ethereally Wicked is a coven fueled by individualism, inclusivity, and embracing who you are. 

Our mission is to create a safe space for witches from all walks of life to come and shop for bold and beautiful looks suited for them. We strive to bring you the latest trends in witchery, in order to inspire you to push your lifestyles limits and elevate your spirit. 

For witches by witches 

Ethereally Wicked blossomed by its head witch in charge Sabrina. She blossomed the idea in 2017 once she realized she had a hard time finding basic things that spoke to her as a Witch- whether it was spell candles, decorations, clothing, jewelry, and everything you need to know about witchcraft. Sabrina started all of this as a place to express herself her own little world and as an escape from hectic everyday life - and it has very quickly become everything to her. Knowing that She inspires others in some kind of way and being able to share her creations with the world means so much.