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Witch Tip for Coughs

Hey witchy babe,  This week I learned that my mom’s boyfriend cannot for the life of him shake an awful cough. So of course what I do is head straight for my herbal remedies book to hopefully get h...
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3 Easy Incense Recipes for Any Spell

 It seems that every new age and occult shop on the planet carries an infinite variety of incense.    Jasmine, rose, cinnamon, lavender, vanilla, patchouli.  Then there’s the more “exotic” aromas....
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Best 3 Tips for Starting Witchcraft

The number 1 question I am asked is “Do you have any tips for starting Witchcraft”. Now, if you’ve seen any of my TikTok or Instagram content, you’ll know that ALL my content is considered tips for...
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Solitary Witch: 9 Tips for Doing it Alone

 Thinking of beginning your practice as a solitary witch?   Maybe you’re just getting started on your path in the Craft.  Or maybe your work with a coven didn’t . . . work out. Perhaps you work wel...
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Books with Autumn Witchy Vibes

Autumn is Here! Since we could all probably use a little hocus pocus in our lives, here are the books filled with witches, romance, magick and autumn leaves that I've been recommending. The Rule...
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9 Witchy Ways to Get Ready for Fall

The Meaning of Fall in Witchcraft In modern witchcraft, fall symbolizes a time for reflection, connection with your ancestors and the dead, a celebration of the harvest and a focus on family and...
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