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Mabon Ritual for the Beginner Witch

Mabon Ritual for the Beginner Witch Hey Witch Babes! Mabon is the second harvest of the year and a time for expressing gratitude for all of the blessings in life. It is a time of plenty and abundan...
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Candle Magic For Beginners

Candle magic is one of the most common forms of petition magic, and one of the easiest and most accessible for newcomers to the Craft. Once you’re set at your favorite local metaphysical store, th...
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Why Didn't My Spell Work?!

You’re totally sure you did everything right. You bought every herb the book said, your house looks like you’ve taken up crystal mining, the fire marshall better not drop by cuz candles are everyw...
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Modern Moon Rituals for a Better 2021

Moon Rituals for Everyone in 2021   We’ve talked a bit about the unique power that each phase of the moon holds, and if you read any of our previous articles on these energies,  you’ve probably alr...
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