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Types of Crystals and Their Meaning

Types of Crystals and Their Meaning


This brilliant purple stone has been considered a very special stone for centuries. It was thought in ancient times to be able to ward off intoxication and was often used on goblets to keep anyone who used them from getting drunk.




Black tourmaline is associated with the root chakra which is responsible for spiritual and physical wellness. The crystal brings balance to your chakras and helps you feel a deeper connection to your body.




Bloodstone is commonly known as a stone of courage, healing, and magic. It is commonly associated with Isis, the goddess of magic, and healing. The Bloodstone’s powerful energy can be used to ease physical illnesses and comfort depression caused by strong infliction of trauma.  




Since ancient times, the carnelian has been used to imbue the wearer with courage. It turned a meek speaker bold. It propelled warriors into battle with a fiery passion. They were also used to show rank among the builders of Egypt and high priests in the church.




Citrine is a yellow stone in the quartz family. You can find them in a range of colors from an almost clear pale yellow to a deep amber. It is a very strong manifestation stone and is extremely popular among crystals.




Many cultures believed these crystals to be living things that took a breath once each century while others still thought of them as vessels for spirits or even the gods. It’s no wonder that the clear quartz is referred to as the supreme gift from Mother Earth.



Before anything else, hematite is a grounding stone. It takes what you show on the outside and what is true on the inside and brings them into balance. Much like us, the hematite may appear a hard stone but it is quite fragile and needs to be taken care of.




Labradorite is a stone of the feldspar family and is treasured for being the only stone that displays the exclusive optical phenomenon of labradorescence where iridescent flashes of vivid colors such as blue, gold, orange, red, green and in some cases violet are seen on its usually dark gray or black surface.




Although all crystals acquire their unique beauty, moonstone is considered to be an eye-catching charm because of its distinct adularescence that mirrors a similar light reflected by the moon.



This extraordinary stone has a rich lineage which stems from the Paleolithic times. Obsidian is formed from molten lava that has cooled very quickly that were used to make arrowheads and other tools effective for hunting during ancient times.




When your soul truly needs to achieve inner peace and harmony, the rose quartz is the perfect companion. It is a stone of love, compassion, and forgiveness. It banishes away emotional pain and resentment. Holding a rose quartz near your heart is a sure way of attracting and feeling love.




The full moon glows in the sky, giving all below it a placid hue in the darkness of night. That light can be seen reflecting from the pearlescent surface of a selenite crystal. It looks as though it is a piece of the moon itself.



This unique-looking crystal is a translucent variety of quartz that ranges in clarity from nearly perfect transparency to an almost-opaque brownish-gray or black crystal; the colors of the Earth.



Tiger’s eye is known for its ability to ground and stabilize emotions in the verge of uncertainty. Drowning in darkness and in difficult times can make it hard for us to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It helps us acknowledge fear and have strength.



The Unakite crystal is a granite-like stone with mottled green and pink patterns. Named after the Unaka Mountains seated at North Carolina, this sacred gem is also called Epidote from the Greek word ‘epidosis’ which means ‘growing together’.


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