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What Is The Rule of Three?

What Is The Rule of Three?

“Do as you will, but harm no one.”

The Rule of three, also widely known as the threefold law, elaborates an important rule in living a life free from negativity. For witches, the rule of three is a moral that must be kept in mind at all times in their craft. 

This law is no different from the saying, “treat others as you want to be treated.” but is particularly eminent for its emphasis on the threefold impact of what you put out in the world. It states that what you put out to the world comes back to you three times greater. If you harm someone physically and emotionally, it will come back to haunt you – thrice as greater. It may show later or sooner in your life as a horrible day at work, broken relationships, or unsustaining finances. 

The rule of three takes on many concepts, including the law of cause and effect and karma, the most openly used word for reaping what you sow. 

Using the Rule of Three in Daily Life

The best way to utilize this law in your daily life is to be aware of what you constantly put out to the world.  

It may seem like something better said than done, but the general rule to cleanse yourself from negativity is by being kind. Be kind to others as you are to yourself. Be more empathetic. Be more understanding. Drive yourself away from anger, envy, and jealousy by changing how you see the world. People are just people but they are no less than their true being. Simply put, they are also spiritual beings who are simply trapped in the chaotic influences of the physical realm. Moreover, even as much power you think you have, you must always, always think about your intention and your motivation. 

The Rule of Three and Witchcraft

As a witch, you have a bigger responsibility for the ability to do magic. When you do witchcraft, spellwork or divination, it’s important to consider a few things before sealing your intention into stone or starting a mantra. Before you cast a spell, check on yourself by reevaluating the situation, checking your motivations, and checking who may be affected by your spell. 

Am I seeing the situation clearly?

What you see may not be what it may seem at all. When you want to see negativity in a situation, it’s hard to find all the opportunities and positive possibilities in it. Before you cast a spell or set an intention, know what you are asking from the universe or if it is necessary, at all. 

What is my motivation?

After evaluating the situation, check from within. Are your motivations positive or negative? Are they self-serving, harmful, or kind? Are they built with the ego or with the heart? Are they built with negative emotions or with genuine care? 

Will I harm anyone?

Last but absolutely not the least, before you put out anything to the universe, examine the people or situations that may be affected or impacted by your manifestation. Does your intention support the free-will of others, or does it affect their ability to choose their heart’s desire? 

No matter how powerful you become as a witch, no one can escape the threefold boomerang effect that comes with the rule of three. Be cautious and be accountable for what you put out into the world. Remember, what you give is what you will receive!

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