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Ethereally Wicked and our team believes in the importance of giving back and paying forward. It is with this in our hearts that we chose to partner with the The Cultural Conservancy.

This non profit protects
and restores indigenous cultures, empowering them in the direct application of traditional knowledge and practices on their ancestral lands.

For each purchase we will be donating a percentage of our profits to their organization, so together we can honor and protect this sacred Native American culture. 

The Recent Rise of witchcraft and witches in pop culture has come with a double edged sword.

Below the surface of the internet witch-trend is a complex history of spiritualities that were once demonized, now have been appropriated and westernized. 

Many people are turning to practices that are close, causing the overharvesting of endangered plants and depriving a stolen culture even further.
So, we wanted to do something about this rising problem. With your help we can make a difference and give back.

For information, please visit

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