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Witches Inner Circle - Facebook Group

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Looking for a group that embraces you for all things uniquely you? Our group is a group for both new and old practitioners who want to dive deep into their craft. With over 30,100 active witches, you will learn more about your history and ancestry than ever before. What are you waiting for? Step out of the broom closet and join our coven today!

Here's Some of What you'll learn Inside - 

  • Live Stream Lunar Rituals conducted by admin! 

  • How to practice witchcraft with the intention of self-improvement to improve your confidence and sense of mastery, bringing you a healthier and more fulfilling life that includes more of what makes you happy.

  • Mindfulness is the cornerstone of witchcraft. Increase your ability to improve your financial abundance, physical health, lifestyle, self-development and emotional well-being with heart centred practices

  • How to build your confidence by weaving and walking your magical unique spiritual path as you reinstate your Divine Power, leaving behind unhealthy behavior patterns that affect life

  • Discover how to work effectively casting rituals and spells with each of the phases of the moon. Make your own Book of Shadows.

  • One pivotal lesson that witchcraft teaches us is that our spaces are sacred; this helps you to craft and lead lifestyle improving ceremonies for your family and community should you so choose.

  • Discover and work with the elements - earth, air, fire and water, they represent facets of our existence and we can use them for personal development

  • How to engage intuitively and intelligently creating powerful rituals to celebrate the Sabbats and Esbats and celebrate them with simplicity and ease.

  • How to create a variety of simple magical practices crafting magical altars, spells and sacred circles, discovering a rich path to your own divinity

  • Understand and work effectively with the classic Witches Toolbox: athames, wands, cauldrons, staffs and more

and much, much, more...

Group Details - 
- One time Charge, This is a one time charge, it's NOT recurring. 
- After your order click here, to go to the private group. Then ask to join, and enter your email you used on your order, into the text box. If you don't, your invitation may be delayed!
- To prevent spam from getting into the group we manually approve each new member. So please make sure your email is included!

Looking forward to seeing you in there!
Blessed Be ❤️