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3 Easy Incense Recipes for Any Spell

3 Easy Incense Recipes for Any Spell

 It seems that every new age and occult shop on the planet carries an infinite variety of incense.   

Jasmine, rose, cinnamon, lavender, vanilla, patchouli. 

Then there’s the more “exotic” aromas.  Currently trending in my local hipster-y craft circle is“Monkey Butt” incense.  (Smelled more like toffee to me, but I’ve never sniffed its namesake).

Add that to its mystical lore and extra long shelf life, and some of us (cough, me) can’t resist it.

But if your magical cabinet doesn’t contains 27 different kinds of organic, fair-trade incense from curious shops around the globe, you need not run out and buy any.

In fact, loose incense is easy and inexpensive to make.

Making Incense for Witchcraft

First of all, if you’re not an incense hoarder like I, then by all means, use what you have and make some.

I always encourage you to work with what you have on hand.

Loose incense is extremely easy to make from basic ingredients in your kitchen, or even in your backyard.

From full moon incense recipes to Beltane blends, the internet is chock full of ideas to make the most of your spice rack. 

Below are some of my personal favorites.

I highly recommend using quality ingredients to make your incense. 

Also, for the sake of sustainability and your wallet, feel free to substitute ingredients that you find on your nature walks   

(Obviously, just be sure you know what it is and that it doesn’t produce toxic fumes when burned).

Either way, you also need a fire safe bowl.

You probably refer to this as your “cauldron.”

Most of the blends below work just as well in a pot of water as on a charcoal disk, and the steam is great for opening your breath.

Easy Full Moon Incense

*1 part cinnamon stick

*1 part dried roses

*2 parts dried lavender

This simple adds a touch of smoky glory to any full moon ritual.

You can also tie this one up in cheesecloth and float it in your bath water for a goddess’s ritual bath.


*1 part cinnamon stick

*1 part allspice 

*2 parts wormwood

Burn before or after protection rituals to carry your message into the sky.

Also use to consecrate protection charms by passing the charm back and forth in the smoke.


*2 parts finely chopped dried lemon peel 

*3 parts dried rosemary 

Layer the rosemary leaf on the bottom for a better burn.  Sprinkle finely chopped lemon peel on top.

For a house cleansing, open all the doors and windows and walk counterclockwise around every floor.

For a person cleansing, stand outside, place fire-safe bowl at your feet and close your eyes, allowing the smoke to carry away toxic energy.

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