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A Halloween ritual to get your life on track

A Halloween ritual to get your life on track

You will need:

  • a sharp knife
  • a pumpkin 
  • a small white candle 

Timing : October 31 before it gets dark 

The Spell

  •  with the sharp knife, take the top off the pumpkin scoop out the flesh. In the middle of the pumpkin in a horizontal line, make three parallel holes along the sides.
  • when it gets dark, place a candle inside the pumpkin and light it. Circled the pumpkin three times counter clockwise, saying “ Time of no time , show to me worlds long pass but linked to me.”
  • gaze into the first hole, close your eyes, blink. Look again to see a picture in the pumpkin or your mind from the past, your childhood, or past world, relevant to the present.
  • circle the pumpkin three times clockwise, saying, “Time of no time, show to me, the present world, but hidden for me to see what you need to know to understand about what is going on now.” Gaze into the second hole.
  • circle the pumpkin three times counterclockwise, saying, “Time of no time show to me, if future time but linked to me to see the best options ahead for you. “ Gaze to the third hole. Let the candle burn.
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