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How To Clear, Ground and Shield Your Energy

How To Clear, Ground and Shield Your Energy


Knowing how to clear, ground and shield your energy will change the way you deal with your emotions and give you an excellent tool for quickly stabilising your moods, as well as bringing more clarity and calm into your life.

Effective clearing, grounding and shielding techniques are a critical self-care act for Empaths, Energy workers, Healers, Psychics, Mediums and of course the general population benefits too.

In this post, I’ll be covering what clearing, grounding and shielding is, why you should do it and how to do this.


What is Clearing and Why Does it Matter?

Clearing Objects

Clearing is the act of removing unwanted energy from your space, your tools and even your aura. Often used interchangeably with the term cleansing, clearing aims to remove any residual energy. This residual energy isn’t bad, it just becomes clutter that you want to clear out before you work with particular tools. Clearing is like dusting your energy field and ensuring anything you’re picking up on psychically is your own, and not somebody else’s.


For example, if you purchase a crystal from a store, it holds some energy from the person who mined it, the person who polished it, the store owner who purchased it for re-sale, and every person who picked it up and handled it in the store before you purchased it.


Now, imagine the energy a second hand item would hold after years of use! Jewellery and metal especially hold onto energy from previous owners so whenever you bring something home, whether it is brand new or used, you should make a habit of clearing its energy.

Clearing Spaces

When you move into a new house, you will want to clear the space. Some homes hold their residual energy like hauntings, especially if they have been the place for terrible acts like domestic violence, abuse, sickness, murder or just plain negative people.

There is no need to be afraid of this leftover energy, it cannot harm you, but it can affect your moods and if you’re empathic you will potentially feel drained and upset with no known reason.

Clearing Yourself

As energetic, spiritual beings, we can absorb the energy of others emotions, often unknowingly. Again, Empaths are more prone to this energetic absorption but it does affect all of us on different levels.


We often notice the effects of another’s energy when we are around a negative person with a low vibration. These energy vampires LOVE empaths because they get to leave all their dark and heavy energy on the empath, who takes it on, and gives sympathy in return.

This is a great deal for the energy vampire, but leaves the Empath feeling drained, moody and out of touch with their own feelings.


This is why clearing is an essential self-care act! We need to clear out the energetic vibes, attachments and emotions from everyone so we can be sure what we are feeling is truly our own. When you notice how light and free you feel when clearing your energy then you will want it to be one of your daily self-care acts to promote your own mental health and wellbeing.

How to Clear Energy

White Light Visualisation

Close your eyes and imagine a brilliant white light; it can come from the Heavens, or from within you. Let this light fill your whole body, and slowly expand out from you to fill the entire room, home or object. You can even do this remotely, to clear the energy of another person’s space, depending how competent you are in your psychic visualisation skills.

Crystal Clearing

Selenite is an amazing crystal to clear energy! I love to use a Selenite rod, also known as a Selenite wand. Hold one end, and sweep it over your aura to remove any energetic attachments.

You can also use selenite to clear a space by moving it around areas of stagnant energy and my personal favourite is to use a selenite disc to place my crystal jewellery on at the end of the day so it’s clean and fresh for the next morning!

Smoke Clearing

Using a bundle of dried herbs like Rosemary, White Sage, Juniper and Lavender, you can simply light this bundle, blow out the flame and allow the smoke to envelope the object you are clearing, spread it around yourself or into all the corners of your room/home. Make sure to do this with the windows open of course so that negative energy has somewhere to go!


What is Grounding and Why Does it Matter?

Grounding is the act of bringing yourself back into the present moment and back into your physical body. It is especially helpful if you experience anxiety or panic attacks, get lost in thought & daydreams or are feeling stressed.


Sometimes we become ungrounded when our Crown chakra is overactive or if we have spent a lot of time in mediation, focusing on the astral realms. This can leave us detached from reality and not in touch with our physical body or present moment.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to ground yourself is to take your shoes off and walk outside barefoot, preferably on the grass.


How to Ground Yourself

Visualisation Meditation

Close your eyes in a seated position, preferably on the ground if possible. Now imagine roots growing from your tail bone, down through the floor, breaking through the foundations of the building and bursting into the soil. Really visualise this, what do the roots look like? What colour are they? How big and how many are there?

Now, these roots will go deeper and deeper into the Earth, as far as your imagination can take you. After some practice, you will manage to find the centre of the Earth, the white pulsing Gaia energy. Plug those roots into her, and begin to draw that beautiful Mother Earth energy up through your roots with each inhale.

On each exhale, push any old, stale or negative energy out from you, into the earth to be recycled. Once you intuitively feel you have drunk your fill, bring those roots back up into your body and slowly open your eyes. Congratulations, you are now grounded!


Most of the crystals that relate to the root chakra also work at keeping you grounded. Some of my favourites include black tourmaline, hematite, red jasper and even some non-crystal items such as petrified wood. You can complete the visualisation mediation above whilst holding your crystal, or simply pop it in your pocket as you go about your day. If you suffer from anxiety disorder, I recommend wearing a hematite bracelet every day.

The 5 Senses

This is a really practical grounding technique that you can use anywhere. A great tip for kids when they’re having a meltdown too!


Can you see something red (or brown or black)?

Can you feel your clothes on your skin?

What can you hear?

Is there a taste in your mouth?

What can you smell?


Simply taking a couple of seconds to check in with each of your senses will immediately bring you back into the physical moment. I use this technique with my toddler all the time and it also works during panic/anxiety attacks!


What is Shielding and Why Does it Matter?

Shielding is a way of psychically protecting your energy and is extremely helpful when negotiating toxic environments, emotionally charged events, crowded places or when dealing with narcissists & energy vampires.

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who complains about everything? The type of person who always has some negative drama playing out in their lives and they just HAVE to tell you all about it? We call these people energy vampires. What they do when they engage you in conversation is energetically ‘dump’ all this negativity on you, usually the victim here is empathetic which soothes the energy vampires’ emotions and makes them feel great but leaves the Empath feeling drained, heavy and weighed down.


The best way to avoid being used as an emotional dumpster is to create a psychic protection shield. Shielding yourself can be used every day, or saved for situations like big parties or bumping into energy vampires.

How to Shield Yourself

The Bubble

Envision a clear, white or light pink bubble surrounding your entire body. Spend at least 30 seconds imagining this as strongly as possible and you’re all set! Basically, this bubble acts as a way to bounce back any negativity, attachments or emotions that are not your own.

This one is also great in a crowded place; you will notice people don’t tend to walk as close to you when you have a bubble set up.


You can also imagine other people surrounded in a bubble, containing all their BS to themselves. A handy one for the energy vampires when they drop in.


Try visualising the bubble around your car when driving for added physical protection!


There are some great crystals for energetic protection that will be grounding for you at the same time. Two birds, one stone!

Black tourmaline, black obsidian and onyx are all shielding and protective stones. You can grid your space, by placing one small tumbled or raw stone in the corner of the room or simply place in your pocket or wear as jewellry.

The Mirror

Envision a circular, curved mirror, in a shield shape out in front of you. This basically reflects back anything people throw at you to themselves. Try it and see the confusion on their face when they feel that energy refelcted back on them!



I hope that this has given you a thorough understanding of how to clear, ground and shield your energy so that you feel strong and empowered in your own energy and safe to take on the world!

Try these exercises and see which ones feel good for you. Feel free to tweak them and make them your own. There are no rules, only guidelines for you to forge your own path alongside.


For any grounding, shielding or clearing advice simply comment below or send me an email and I’d be happy to help you!

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