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Full Moon Magick: Harness Lunar Energy for Healing

Full Moon Magick: Harness Lunar Energy for Healing

You don’t have to be an astronomer, or astrology-aficionado to understand the sheer awing magic of a phase of the moon.

It’s associate expertise we’ve all encountered: when on a protracted day, you’re heading home at twilight and suddenly you notice a shocking phase of the moon rising on the horizon. no matter thoughts were on your mind disappear and you are feeling a tremendous surge of energy and awe. Your association to the plants wakes up and you, too, begin to shine!

Full moon energy

Full moons kindle our emotions and amplify mystical powers connected to the human spirit. you are taking joy in looking at what was once dark and acquiring the sunshine, your mind plays out scenes of potential chaos in an exceedingly wild and feral world whereas additionally basking in deep and unreserved feelings that's not possible to outline.

The time of the total moon could be a powerful energy healing chance, associating optimum time for meditating, recharging your energy field, and clearing your chakras. That's why such a large amount of cultures have phases of the moon rituals and ceremonies—there’s such a lot of pure energy within the moonlight that something it touches can’t facilitate however it answers its radiance and love.

Using the satellite energy of a phase of the moon will yield unbelievable healing results, each physically and mentally. Full moons bathe your skin in an exceedingly soft lightweight, whereas additionally illuminating the usually unnoted crevices of your subconscious—giving you insights into your spirit and soul.

Five phase of the moon rituals that use the healing power of satellite energy:


Shine a light-weight on your emotions


During the total moon, emotions are exaggerated. you've got in all probability detected folks blame the total moon once human behavior gets a touch wacky.

Because emotions are additionally simply accessible throughout a phase of the moon, it’s an ideal chance to acknowledge and unharness them. By cathartic robust emotions that return to lightweight throughout a phase of the moon, you’ll clear your chakras; this phase of the moon cleansing ritual ensures that you are just able to capture the total spectrum of healing energy from the total moon.

If you actively journal, you’ll see massive edges throughout a phase of the moon. in addition to expressing your inner truths and feelings, it’s a decent time to write down your intentions, build selections concerning what you actually need, and totally embrace your truest self.

Below ar many journal prompts to assist you get started:

What will my body most want right now?

What environments build Pine Tree State feel good?

What self-care routines most nourish and heal me?

What am I stopping myself from doing?


Take a moon bathtub


Moonlight has holistic healing properties and is in a position to cleanse your mind, body, and spirit. payment time beneath a full moon’s spirited white glow is like getting in a heat soothing bathtub (without the water).

Take a walk beneath the total moon, ideally with a number of your skin exposed to its healing lightweight. As you start to relax, gaze up at the brilliance of the total moon and love its energy and love. Pay special attention to the emotions and emotions that hunt through your body and in your chakras. Listen closely to your subconscious: maybe there's a message that the moon is lighting up inside you.

A moon bathtub steeps your body and spirit in purifying lightweight, laundry away negativity and exploiting you recent and revived.


Tack up some dreams

Harness the positive energy of the moon by imagining your goals and dreams. image your life as you want it to be and tack up some actual footage of your dreams and needs on your vision board. As you dream, therefore shall you become!

What are your intentions? Your goals? Bucket list experiences?

The full moon can amplify any energy you channelize, and facilitate guiding it into the hospitable embrace of the universe. Be clear and specific concerning what you want to manifest and don’t be shocked once your intentions return true.


Turn toward the positive


The full moon’s lightweight is therefore robust, it’s exhausting for darkness to square up within the face of its glory. Use this chance to get and unharness negativity.

The moon will reach the deepest components of your soul and pull out the items you’ve been concealing or making an attempt to ignore. The moon illuminates any negative emotions held in your chakras or your body and reflects that data back to you so you'll begin the method of clearing those blockages through meditation, healing courses, or alternative practices.


Turn down the covers—outside!


I have forever tried to pay my summers sleeping outside, particularly throughout the total moons. whereas some are at a loss by my selection, anyone UN agency could be a camper, hiker, or nature-lover understands my habit instantly: additionally to grounding myself to Mother Earth, I provide my body a lot of required folacin (moonlight, that is).

So, grab a bag and pitch a tent in your curtilage or, realize a heat blanket and string a hammock between 2 durable trees. Falling asleep beneath twinkling stars and a glowing phase of the moon can leave your body, mind, and soul additional unweary than eight hours of sleep every night.

Go one step and meditate or pray, and let the peace and sweetness of the total moon soak into your body and soul whereas you dope off to sleep. You’ll come to life fresh and rejuvenated.

Your meditations, prayers, dreams, disposition to forgive, and extend loveall exaggerated by the lunar energy of the moon. no matter sensible feelings you expertise for yourself (or want for others) are additional powerful than ever immediately. Any love you send into the globe and any service you perform are additionally powerful.

Give yourself the gift of moonlight in the week. Get outside and luxuriate in the advantages of paying time within the soft white glow of the total moon.

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