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Writers’ Salt: A Simple Spell Bottle or Ingredient for Writers and Artist

Writers’ Salt: A Simple Spell Bottle or Ingredient for Writers and Artist

Like most writers, I love writing. And like most writers, I hate writing.

I write blog posts like this one, short and long fiction, and even some poetry from time to time. Sometimes the words don’t come. Sometimes the words come and they’re awful. On some bright occasions the words aren’t half bad, and a little polish is all they need to go from being a dull rock to a gem.

Recently though, the well of inspiration seemed to have not just dried up, but bricked over itself and put up a sign saying it was out of business. When staring at blank pages and painfully carving out one letter after another wasn’t doing it, I turned to witchcraft. You can create words and then pages and then books with just a pen and some paper or a computer screen and nimble fingers. And you can help yourself write better with just a couple of things lying around on your desk. Well, and some salt. This is a spell after all.

I use this stuff alone in a bottle to keep at my desk and shake when I need a little help, but it can also be stored as a spell ingredient for future writing/creativity spells.

Beware, this could stain whatever you use to mix it. It stained my white mortar!

What you’ll need:

  • Something to mix in (I used a mortal and pestle)
  • A small bottle or jar
  • Enough salt to fill your container to the level you’d like
  • Something sharp, e.g. craft knife
  • A graphite pencil
  • A few drops of ink (optional – I used the dregs of a finished cartridge)

If you want to use this to inspire visual art such as drawing and painting, either make the same salt or incorporate some materials from your art process such as crushed dry watercolours and crumbled chalk.


  1. Put as much salt as you like into your mortar or whatever you’re mixing in. Visualise or keep in mind your creative aims through the process.
  2. Take your pencil, and carefully scrape graphite from the tip onto the salt. Do a little at a time so that what’s falling into the salt is a powder. Mix the salt and graphite together as you go until your salt is a light grey that you’re happy with. If using watercolors or chalk instead of a pencil here, add and mix until you’re happy with the colour.
  3. (Optional) Put in 3+ drops of ink, mixing as you go until you’re happy with the final colour. Leave to dry for a while to avoid it clumping in the bottle.
  4. Carefully transfer your finished salt to your container. You can use paper and tape to make a funnel if it’s tricky to tip in.
  5. (Optional) If you’d like to add anything else like dried herbs/spices, small crystals, or a note or sigil, do so!
  6. (Optional) Seal your bottle or jar if you would like to.

Finishing Up

Read the following incantation, preferably aloud, while focusing on the benefits you desire from the salt. You might choose to do this before or after bottling it. If you’re not into incantations, do whatever you prefer.

Forged with passion for my craft

Bring new muses, make them last

When all inspiration’s gone

Provide the spark to drive me on

As I will it, so will it be.

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