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Herbs Used in Witchcraft

Each herb is a plant of witchcraft. In addition, each herb also brings eternal magick and energy properties with it.Be imaginative as you look around but just to give you a starting point, here are...
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Types of Crystals and Their Meaning

AMETHYST This brilliant purple stone has been considered a very special stone for centuries. It was thought in ancient times to be able to ward off intoxication and was often used on goblets to kee...
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Witchcraft 101 For Baby Witches

BEGINNING WITCHCRAFT While there is no definition or set standard of practice for witches, there do exist several practices and many useful magical correspondence that exemplify what a witch incorp...
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How to Cast a Spell

HOW TO CAST A SPELL GATHER THE WILL Will is the drive behind your intention. It’s what brings the spell into existence and what differentiates a wish from a spell… Will requires real work, while...
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