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  • Channeling intention under the mercury retrograde.

    Who’s Afraid of Mercury Retrograde?

    All your astrology minded friends are sharing warnings and memes about Mercury retrograde, but what’s it really all about and how worried should you actually be? If you’re new to astrology, it might seem like the sky is falling -...

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  • #WhatsWrongWithMySign Challenge - Bonus Edition

    #WhatsWrongWithMySign Challenge - Bonus Edition

    You’ve definitely seen it by now: people are posting their Sun sign to social media using the hashtag #whatswrongwithmysignchallenge. What results runs the gamut of sentiment from light-hearted roasting between friends to... well, maybe some of you all have bad...

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  • Modern Moon Rituals For 2021 Part II

    Modern Moon Rituals For 2021 Part II

    Welcome back! This is the second of a two part series covering how to craft your own moon rituals and bring your life further into harmony with the cycles of the Moon - if you haven’t read Part I yet,...

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  • Imbolc - ethereally wicked

    Welcome the Return of the Light!

    Imbolc: Welcome the Return of the Light! Grab your candles, fellow Witches — it’s been a long winter, and we’ve got to get ready for Imbolc! Not sure what Imbolc is? You’re still in the right place, and there’s enough...

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  • ethereally wicked moon rituals for 2021

    Modern Moon Rituals for a Better 2021

    Moon Rituals for Everyone in 2021   We’ve talked a bit about the unique power that each phase of the moon holds, and if you read any of our previous articles on these energies,  you’ve probably already noticed that timing your...

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  • A Baby Witches Guide To Altar Tools And Magick

    A Baby Witches Guide To Altar Tools And Magick

    Sacred Space and Altars An important aspect of witchcraft is maintaining a sacred space. This is an organized, calm, and relaxing space that you have specifically set aside for rituals and spellwork. An altar is a type of sacred space...

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  • Energy Work 101

    Energy Work 101

    What is Energy Work? Witches manipulate our energy, and the energy of our environment, to bring about our will. Understanding how energy flows within your body can help you to be a better magic user, and a better human. The...

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  • Working your Magick With Lunar Cycles

    Working your Magick With Lunar Cycles

    WAXING / WANING The first, and probably the simplest way to follow the lunar cycle is to pay attention to when the moon is waxing, or getting bigger or growing, and when the moon is waning, or shrinking or getting...

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